8 reasons why you should visit Tuscany, Italy

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Beautiful hotels
I love to stay in hotels with beautiful views, wake up in the morning and drink tea with a view, what a great start to the day! If you plan to visit Tuscany, be sure to book at least 2 nights in a hotel with a pool and views of the vineyards and beautiful fields. if you love nature, believe me, this is a must-do in Tuscany. Tuscany offers so many cosy and charming hotels in nature with fresh delicious food and good service, you will find hotels for any budget in Booking or TripAdvisor.  

Food and wine
This is a good reason to visit Toscana, there are a lot of gastronomic and wine tasting tours, I suggest you book a tasting tour at least in one of the provinces of Tuscany. What I love about Toscana is the amazing service and food in the restaurants, just don’t go to very touristic ones, and I guarantee you will enjoy your lunch or dinner. When you dine in Tuscany, don’t forget to try truffle pasta, Fiorentina meat, crostini Toscani, Tortelli potatoes, biscotti di Prato and other delicious dishes. In almost every restaurant in Florence or anywhere else in Tuscany, you will find these meals. Writing this blog makes me want to go back to this beautiful region again! Don’t forget to buy a couple of bottles of wine before leaving Tuscany to enjoy Tuscan wine at home with your family or friends. 

In Tuscany, they say ” If you have the taste of wine in your mouth, your day has not been in vain” I love this phrase!

Florence, Pisa, Pienza and other beautiful cities 
Have you ever been to Italy? If your answer is no, book a ticket to Florence right now! If you answer Yes, book a ticket to go there again! Florence is a must-visit destination in Italy, with its beautiful architecture and charming atmosphere, iconic museums and galleries, delicious restaurants and cosy bars, beautiful narrow streets and a magnificent wide square, the river with stunning views of the city and beautiful gardens, and much more. Florence has many hidden secrets from its history. After visiting Florence, be sure to visit other stunning cities in Tuscany, such as Pisa, Pienza, Livorno and others.

Stunning countryside of Tuscany
If you love nature, stunning views, wine and fresh food, you should stay in agritourism in Tuscany. Most of the hotels have views on vineyards, olive trees and beautiful hills, all hotels have gardens with fresh vegetables and fruits, and some of them own vineyards and produce their own wine. This is an experience you will never forget!   

You can find a variety of accommodation options in agritourism on Booking or other travel sites. Make sure to book your stay in Tuscany countryside at least a month before your trip, Tuscany is a very popular region for tourists!

Florence is an ideal city for shopping, and within walking distance of the Duomo, you will find luxury boutiques with Italian and international brands. There are also many nice local designer stores in Florence where you can find very beautiful clothes and accessories. If you are looking for something for your homes like a lamp or coffee table, Italian tableware sets or anything else, there are many shops in Florence with interesting things for the home, be sure to visit some of them when you are in Florence. After a long shopping day, you can enjoy a Cup of coffee with a pastry in one of the cafes or have an aperitivo in some typical Italian bar, which is often located next to boutiques.  There are also fashion outlets outside the city: The Mall Firenze and Designer outlet Barberino, where you can find luxurious clothes and shoes with good discounts.   

Beach holiday
If you love a beach holiday, Toscana can be a great option. There are many nice beaches in Tuscany like Forte dei Marmi, Camaiore, Isola d’Elba or Cala violina. I recommend you rent a car or an Italian Vespa and drive all along the coast, you will find so many beautiful places for sunbathing and picnics.

Tuscany is amazing and diverse, and it has everything you need: the sea, rivers, beautiful beaches, wonderful fields, mountains, hot springs and much more. Tuscany can satisfy everyone. If you like beach holidays, go to Forte dei Marmi, Camais ore, Isola d’Elba or Cala Violina. If you love nature, try agritourism, there are many places in Tuscany where you can stay and be in harmony with nature. If you like to drive and explore the surrounding area, rent a car and drive through all of Tuscany, you will be surprised how beautiful nature is in Tuscany.

Historic Sites
Do you love art and classical music? Then you should visit Tuscany, especially Florence. The Uffizi Gallery, the Palazzo Vecchio, the Boboli Gardens, the Gallery of modern art, the Leonardo da Vinci Museum and, of course, the iconic Duomo. In Florence, there are many other museums, fashion studios and galleries, everyone will find something special for themselves. Of course, Florence is not the only city with historical attractions, if you want to visit other historical cities in Tuscany, here are some ideas for you: Siena, Livorno, Pienza, Arezzo and of course Pisa!

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