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Julia Stella

Hi, I’m Julia! I love traveling to beautiful destinations and stay in elegant & unique hotels. I don’t count countries, instead I prefer to enjoy my experience and collect memories.

I love to explore new or back to my favorite places and show their atmosphere to you. If you want to understand the vibe of the place and not just discover banal Instagram spots, follow me. I show the beauty of each place I visit and don’t care if it’s popular or not.

I love to experience the luxury service in hotels and enjoy each moment of my stay, I show how authentic the hotel is and why I chose it for my stay. With me you will discover the best hotels and wonderful places in the world.

Few facts about me:

I’m originally from Ekaterinburg, Russia, moved to the German part of Switzerland many years ago.

I’m friendly, motivated, open-minded and inspiring person with good sense of humor.

I’m foodie, I love food and red wine. I like to explore new restaurants and taste local dishes and wines when I travel. I love Middle Eastern, Russian, Mediterranean, Georgian, Turkish, Indian, Thai, Japanese cuisine.

My favorite musical instruments are the violin and guitars.

I love all the animals that exist, my favorite are cats, I have a Russian Blue cat, name Tomas.

I feel happy in Seoul, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Tuscany, Lucerne, Sydney.

I love tea, I drink it every day and I can’t imagine my life  without it.

I love to create professional photos and print them.(You can find my prints here)

See you on my Instagram and maybe in some airport 😉


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