Are you looking for a honeymoon destination? If yes, you probably wondering which countries are the best for honeymoon. This blog will help you choose the most iconic and romantic destination in the world. I have been to all these places and I guarantee you that if you choose one of them for your romantic trip, you will really like it.

Honeymoon in Mauritius

I had a honeymoon in Mauritius and of course I think it’s a beautiful island for a honeymoon. Beautiful and warm Indian Ocean, breathtaking nature, amazing sunny weather, white beaches and a good selection of hotels & resorts. The best time to visit Mauritius is March-June and September-November. I recommend you skip the winter months as it can be bad weather and not a calm ocean, my sister-in-law was in Mauritius in December and it was disappointing, my husband and I were in Mauritius in March and it was a fabulous time. Mauritius is not only about beaches, you can also explore the island and do outdoor activities such as hiking, visiting the national park, water sports. Be sure to choose a hotel with a beautiful beach, as not all beaches in Mauritius are perfect, as a postcard. Be sure to check if you need to do any injections before traveling to Mauritius.

Honeymoon in Japan

Japan is one of my favorite countries, and I want to include it in this blog because I think Japan is unusual, but an ideal destination for a honeymoon.
Apart from the busiest cities like Tokyo, Japan has so many exclusive destinations from North to the South. If you want your honeymoon to be full of adventures, but at the same time relaxing, visit different places in Japan, you can rent a car or travel by train. Visit Kyoto, Osaka, Mount Fuji, Naru, Hokkaido and, of course, Tokyo. If you want to spend time by the sea, you can visit Okinawa, I haven’t been to Okinawa myself, but I think it could be a great place since my Japanese friends told me it’s beautiful. The best time to visit Japan, in my opinion, is spring, when cherry blossoms, June and autumn, I would not go to Japan in July and August, because it is too hot and high humidity there. I also recommend that you book hotels in Japan in advance, as they get fully booked quickly.  

Honeymoon in the Seychelles 

Seychelles is a real paradise on Earth, crystal blue water, beautiful nature, green palm trees, coconuts and stunning white beaches with soft sand. Seychelles, in my opinion, is one of the best destinations in the world for a honeymoon. The best time to visit Seychelles is March – October.
Seychelles is a good place for relaxation and adventure. You can spend your entire vacation on the beach, have spa treatments, enjoy cocktails and food. Alternatively, you can explore various Seychelles Islands, do various water sports, hike to the tops of beautiful hills, rent a car, ride bike and much more. Since not all beaches in the Seychelles are as beautiful as on the postcard, I suggest you find out if your resort has a great location and a wonderful beach. Otherwise, you can always rent a car, if you stay on Mahe Island, you can drive to the best beaches of the Seychelles. Be sure to check if you need to do any injections before traveling to the Seychelles. 

Honeymoon in Australia

Australia is so beautiful and probably the most unusual honeymoon destination. I don’t know many people who have been to Australia and especially for a honeymoon. But all who been want to come back. Please don’t mistake Australia with Austria, some tourists come to Austria (Europe) and ask where are the kangaroos. Australia is just perfect for adventure honeymoon, there are so many variations of water sport activities, from surfing to sailing. There are so much to see and discover in this beautiful country. Honeymoon in Australia has to be for at least two weeks. Include in your trip Sydney, Whitsunday island, Hamilton island, Perth, Kangaroo island, Tasmania, national parks and other stunning destinations. I definitely suggest you to rent a car and drive a lot, you can discover so many beautiful destinations in Australia, you will see wild animals, such as Kangaroo, Koalas, amazing birds and more. Best time to visit Australia is December-April if you want to enjoy Australian summer. Please check if you need to make any injections before you travel to Australia.  

Honeymoon in Maldives

Maldives has recently become one of the most popular destinations, especially for a honeymoon. A honeymoon in the Maldives is a very special experience if you both want to enjoy privacy, warm ocean, good food and spa time. There are so many beautiful resorts in the Maldives that you will definitely find the perfect one for both of you. I recommend you to book a water villa with a private pool if you choose Maldives for your honeymoon, however beach villas are wonderful too. To be honest, I do not know when is the best time to go to the Maldives, because the weather there has recently become unpredictable, so even in the dry season now there may be rainy days, and in the rainy season there may be many sunny days. I’d suggest to consider your trip to the Maldives in August-September or January-April. When you book a hotel in the Maldives, don’t forget to find out on which atoll it is located, on some atoll’s sea life is better, if you like snorkeling or diving, it would be important to know where it is better to stay. Also, some Maldives resorts are located closer to the international airport, which means you can get there by boat, while others can only be reached by sea plane or domestic plane + boat.


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