My stay at Mandarin Oriental Paris

Are you planning to visit Paris soon, but are not sure which hotel to choose?  If you, like me, also love luxury hotels, here you will find useful information about Mandarin Oriental Paris and why you should stay in one of the best luxury hotels in Paris.

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Location location!

Mandarin Oriental in Paris has an ideal location, as soon as you leave the hotel, you will find many good restaurants, many luxury boutiques, bars and some of the main attractions of Paris, such as the Louvre, the Tuileries Garden and the Opéra. I promise you will enjoy it if you take a walk near the hotel. I like to walk around this area until my feet start sending me a signal “Enough!”, it just impossible to stop, Paris is always so beautiful! Haha:) By the way, not far from Mandarin Oriental Paris there is one patisserie known for its colorful Macarons, calls Ladurée, there is usually a long queue on the Champs-Elysees, but this one it’s quiet, at least when we was there. As you see, you can find many amazing spots close to the hotel.


The breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental Paris is simply one of the best I’ve had at a hotel in Europe. First of all, everything is A La Carte, which I really love! So, imagine that you have just woken up, you still feel sleepy and relaxed, you probably don’t want to go around the buffet and look for a croissant or yogurt. You don’t have to do that, they’ll take care of everything. The breakfast menu, in my opinion, is fabulous, it has healthy options, a classic sweet French breakfast, they have fruits, cheese, ham, salmon, various types of hot beverages and absolutely everything you need for breakfast. All you have to do is say what you want. I really loved the bagel with salmon, hot chocolate and Crêpes! The portions are huge, everything we tried was delicious. If you still haven’t decided whether you want to have a room with breakfast or not, book it with! You will like it! I also had the opportunity to enjoy dinner and a last lunch in their beautiful garden. This is such an amazing oasis in the center of Paris, cute little birds that fly from tree to tree, sometimes jump on chairs, the bar has a charming atmosphere and excellent service. One of the dinners we had at the main restaurant Camélia, great service and amazing food!

Spa experience

I was lucky enough to try the spa treatment at Mandarin Spa, it was a HydraFacial procedure, I liked how my skin reacted to it, if you like to visit the spa, like me, I recommend that you try this treatment or some kind of massage. It’s just perfect after a long walk in Paris.


We stayed in the Deluxe Suite. The room was spacious and gorgeous, very harmoniously combining colors and design. There is enough sunlight, because of the large windows, a beautiful bright bathroom. There were amazing details such as a hair strainer, a very comfortable bathrobe, fresh flowers and dental tablets that turn into toothpaste after you chew them (never seen this before).

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