Where to stay in Prague – Four Seasons Prague.


Four Seasons Hotel in Prague is located in the very center of Prague, within walking distance from the Old Town and with access to the river. I think the Four Seasons has the best location in the city, if you are looking for a luxury hotel in Prague in the city center with a charming view of the river and the bridge, then this is the perfect hotel for your stay in Prague.


We stayed in Grand Renaissance Room and we really loved it, the room is spacious and elegant. I really liked the soft blue tones in the interior. By the way, the Four Seasons Hotel in Prague has very good daylight even in winter, I like to wake up in a bright room and meet the sun.

Dining & service

CottoCrudo is the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant, we had daily breakfast there and 2 times late lunch. For breakfast, the Four Seasons Hotel Prague serves a buffet and a big a la carte menu. Everything we tried was so good, to be honest, one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in Four Seasons, and I’ve been to various hotels of this brand, so I know what to compare with.
For lunch, CottoCrudo serves Italian cuisine and some Asian dishes, the portions even for a late lunch were quite generous, I really enjoyed the dumplings and Caesar salad, which I highly recommend you to try.
For dinner we had room service, we took pizza and pasta, and the other day the same pizza and French fries. It was lovely to enjoy our food in bed and watch “Home alone”, relaxing Christmas time in Prague. 
We also had the chance to try their afternoon tea at the Four Seasons champagne bar, I am allergic to some nuts, the team prepared different cakes for me and my husband. The tea time was very good and I would even say it was many things, so we decided to have dinner late that day. In general, all the food we tried at Four Seasons Prague was excellent, they can be really proud of it.
The service in the restaurants and throughout the hotel was just excellent, everyone from the team was friendly and polite. They made our stay even better.

Spa & pool

Before I saw the Four Seasons Spa with my own eyes, I thought it would be small and simple, but in fact it is so charming and spacious. I think I’ve never seen a fireplace next to the pool before, but I really loved this idea, especially in wintertime. We stayed at the spa after breakfast around 11pm for 2.5 hours and we were there alone, it felt like a private pool. Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit with you when you go to Prague and enjoy your spa time.

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