Where to stay in Tokyo and how to get around the city?

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If you have big plans for Tokyo city, I recommend you to stay in different parts of Tokyo, as the city is huge and you don’t want to waste time on the road.

The best thing you can do is book a hotel near the metro station, even if you plan to use the iconic Japanese taxi or private driver, you don’t want to stay in traffic when you have a schedule. Some hotels in Tokyo have direct access to the metro station, which is very convenient, you just need to take the elevator and go down to the metro station directly from the lobby of your hotel, isn’t that cool?

For me best places to stay in Tokyo are Ōtemachi & Marunouchi. Both areas are my favorite districts in the city.  Everything you need for a good life is there: good restaurants, charming cafes, luxury hotels, boutiques, beautiful Tokyo garden, stunning views of the city and Tokyo train station. What I also like about Ōtemachi and Marunouchi that there you can sense Tokyo lifestyle. Both areas are good for business and leisure trips.

The other splendid area in Tokyo is near Shin-Toyosu Station, Firstly, the iconic Tokyo TeamLab Museum is located there (note that museum is there until the end of 2023), secondly, you can feel like a local, especially on weekends when locals come there with their cute dogs and have a good time in restaurants overlooking the sea, walking in parks and jogging along the promenade. There is a special relaxing atmosphere here.

Another area that may suit you if you like the lifestyle of big cities is Shibuya, yes, where the iconic Shibuya crossing and a popular place to watch the sunset Shibuya Sky are located. If the daily crowds of people don’t bother you — this area is just perfect, there are many restaurants and cafes in Shibuya, a large shopping center, something is always going on there, as this place attracts creative minds, great nightlife and the large hub of Tokyo trains and subways.

One more area I can recommend you to stay in is Asakusa Tokyo. This place has the vibe of an older Tokyo with traditional shops, high-quality souvenirs, street-food and locals who like to wear traditional Japanese clothes when they come to Asakusa. In Asakusa you will find Sensō-ji temple and park. This area is definitely one of the best places to stay in Tokyo.

I have already told you that it will be useful for you to stay in a hotel near a metro station and use the metro to get to wherever you need. So, yes, the metro is without a doubt the best way to get around the city. You can also use Uber in Tokyo. Taxi or a private driver is certainly convenient too, but I would advise you to use them in the afternoon or late in the evening, and not in the morning and around 5-8 pm, since there can be a lot of traffic jams on weekdays. On weekends, various roads in Tokyo are closed to cars until sunset, so locals can enjoy a pleasant walk, drink coffee or read a book on outdoor folding tables and chairs. 

Some metro tips for you:
– You can buy metro tickets only in cash, they don’t accept credit cards, or you can create a Suica metro card that is easy to use and you can  top up your account on the card at the station or online if you have a virtual Suica card. Remember that this card is only valid for 1 person, so if you are traveling with other people, you will all need to have your own Suica card.
– To find a metro station you can easily use google maps
– To change the metro line , sometimes you have to walk a lot

Have a good time in Tokyo and be sure to follow me on Instagram @iamjuliastella to get more ideas & inspiration for your business or leisure trips!

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